Private Events

OM Consult & Event GmbH
also organizes private events.
This includes:


You are planning a/your wedding, and need support with planning, location search, procedure, bookings, technique, decoration, equipment? Then it is good to know that this wedding is in the right hands with us, no matter if woman/man, man/man, woman/woman, or whatever constellation. We know our stuff and can advise you, plan your wishes, negotiate from experience with locations, artists*, suppliers, and above all: we implement it on site!


The "Gretchen" question is often: where do I celebrate my birthday, who knows a suitable location. If that were found: who knows how to negotiate and ask the right questions so that the desired result follows? The easiest thing to do: ask us! We know countless locations, and are happy to help with all other issues. Contract negotiations with all trades often turn out better when professionals are at work - so nothing is forgotten that is important for the course of your event.


"Oh dear, my company anniversary is coming up, my silver wedding anniversary, my high school graduation 25th anniversary, the Queen's 75th throne anniversary?" No problem, we'll take care of it, inquire about all your wishes and requirements, and together we'll create a suitable and well thought-out event. And the best: we also implement it according to your ideas. All this applies, but not the Queen's Throne Jubilee, because we will not get the bowl to her crown jewels 😉



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